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steel jacket steam insulation pipe for underground

Steel Jacket Steam Insulation Pipe for Underground

  • Product Description

The above two insulation structure are applied at home. It’s more reliable to adopt external than internal sliding in design theory,because the force analysis is simple, the internal air layer settings easily, row of wet is better. Abroad basically adopts the external sliding structure.

  • Application Range

Medium: hot water, steam, hot oil, hot material and so on. Medium temperature: less than 350℃. Medium pressure: Hot water, steam medium not exceeding 2.5MPa. Other media are determined according to the special requirements of the medium. Laying method: Mainly used for direct buried. Directly buried environment: The underground water level is lower, and the buried depth of the pipeline is above the water level line. Cold environment: the recommended depth is below the frozen soil layer

  • Product Advantages

The external steel pipe adopts 3 PE anti-corrosive, which is widely used in the world, and glass fiber reinforced plastic can also be used for anti-corrosive. Special material heat insulation is adopted between the sliding bracket and the steel pipe to effectively solve the heat bridge problem in the pipe network, and the heat loss of the pipeline is reduced to the maximum extent. The polyurethane insulation layer is made of polyurethane raw material with combustion property B1 (refractory). Its high fire resistance solves the hidden danger of safety in the laying of integrated pipe gallery, and its heat preservation performance is advantageous. Long-term operation can save a lot of energy and significantly reduce energy cost. Vacuum extraction technology can be used to effectively prevent the corrosion of internal and external steel pipes. The heat-insulating material has the advantages of light, durability, excellent heat preservation performance, low heat consumption and maximum utilization of heat energy. Advanced production technology, high overall strength, good stability, long product life.

  • Production Category

External sliding type steel jacket steam insulation pipe (vacuum composite),internal sliding type steel jacket steam insulation pipe

  • Production Range


"Steel jacket" external sliding type pr-fabricated direct buried steam insulation pipe main performance index

Performance indexReference standardUnit Standard requirement
Finished pipe combination
Appearance CJ/T200-2004No obvious pits, bulges, cracks
Work pipe axial movementCJ/T200-2004No jam can move
Outer protection pipe temperatureCJ/T200-2004 ≤50
Heat lossCJ/T200-2004W/㎡ ≤100
Overall compressive strengthCJ/T200-2004MPa≥0.08
Axis eccentricityCJ/T200-2004mm4/5/6
Vacuum absolute pressure(Vacuum type)CECS206-2006mbar20
Extra-fine glass wool
Density CJ/T200-2004Kg/m³48
Maximum working temperatureCJ/T200-2004454
Thermal conductivityCJ/T200-2004W/m.k ≤0.05
Average fiber diameter CJ/T200-2004μm6
Water tolerance CJ/T200-2004100 degrees of boiling waterNo significant changes in physical
Anti-moistureCJ/T200-2004Expose 96hMoisture is less than the product weight
Anti-corrosionCJ/T200-2004For steelNo corrosion
Fire proofing CJ/T200-2004Non inflammabilityGrade A
Steel pipe outer anti-corrosion
3PE anti-corrosion
Peel strengthGB/T23257-2009N/cm20±10℃≥100
Impact strengthGB/T23257-2009J/mm ≥8
Cathodic disbondingGB/T23257-2009mm65℃,48h≤6
Electric spark leak detectorGB/T23257-200925KVNo leakage
Glass steel anti-corrosion
Gum contentGB/T 2577-1989%45-50
Tensile strengthGB/T 2577-1989MPa≥150
Compressive strengthGB/T 2577-1989MPa≥150
Bending strengthGB/T 2577-1989MPa≥50
Thermal conductivityGB/T 2577-1989W/(m.K) ≤0.28
Heat resistanceGB/T 2577-1989-40-100
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