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 'one-step method' process pre-insulated pipe for underground

"One-Step Method" Process Pre-insulated Pipe for Underground

  • Application Range

It is suitable for transportation temperature (continuous working temperature) ≤ 100 ℃, and working pressure ≤ 2.5 MPa. It is mainly used in the secondary pipe network system of urban central heating.

  • Product Advantages

1. The production efficiency is high, and the construction period can be shortened.

The production of insulation layer and outer protection pipe are carried out simultaneously by the "one-step" process. The production line runs continuously for 24 hours, and the production efficiency can be improved by 20-30%, which can greatly shorten the construction period.

2. High degree of mechanization and reduction of human error.

The "one-step" production line is all controlled by mechanization, and the qualified rate of the production line is high. The required workers are 1 / 3 of the "two-step" production line, which can greatly reduce the unqualified rate caused by human error.

3. Reduce production cost

The labor cost can be reduced by 2 / 3, and the material cost of the bracket can be reduced. Because the production efficiency can be increased by 20% and 30%, the comprehensive production cost can also be greatly reduced.

4. No support, lower energy consumption, more energy-saving and environmental protection.

Because there is no need to install the bracket to effectively avoid the heat lost by the heat bridge (bracket), the "one-step" process reduces the heat loss by 2% per extended meter, improves the heat preservation effect, and makes the product more energy saving and environmental protection.

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