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Electric Hot Melt Mold Sleeve Connectors

Electric Hot Melt Mold Sleeve Connectors

Sleeve joint with electric welding is through special plastic welding equipment to heat the wire embedded in the polyethylene casing, by heating and a certain pressure, make joint casing and polyethylene outer pipe as a whole system.

  • Product Description

We adopt professional electrical control box to make automatic control of heating process, through the control of the different process parameters, optimal melting effect, so as to ensure the quality of welding joint and sealing, and deliver higher axial force. In order to improve the safety of pipeline joint, our company adopts the self-production joint electric hot melt sleeve, so that the consistency of the electric hot melt sleeve material and the pipeline base material is effectively ensured.

  • Advantages

the electric melting welding avoids manual heating, reduces the influence of human factors. There is not high requirement for operation space and condition. It is a reliable connection mode with good sealing performance and same as main pipeline PE in the service life and strength.

  • The Quality Judgment Basis and Recommendation of The Joint:

The thickness of the electric hot melt sleeve joint: if the thickness is small, it is easy to cause the PE to heat and melt, and the sealing property is lost. It is recommended that the thickness of the sleeve strictly comply with the national standard of GB/ T29047, and the thickness of the joint material shall be the same as or higher than the thickness of the insulation pipe. Electric hot melt weld machine: If the output current is not stable, it is easy to cause the local welding to be unstable, and it is recommended to use the current output stable welding machine. 3. The properties of the PUR foaming material: if the density and strength of the PUR foam at the joint is not enough, the trinity structure of the pipeline can not be guaranteed, which can lead to the problem that the PE shell is deformed when the soil is extruded, the heat of the joint is large, the operation temperature of the PE shell is relatively high, and the aging is accelerated. It is recommended to strictly comply with the GB/ T29047 standard. The overall requirements of the joint: in order to ensure the quality of the joint, 100% air tightness test should be carried out on the joint. The test should be carried out under 40 ℃. The test pressure is 0.02mpa. After holding the pressure 2min, the sealing place should be coated with soapy water and no bubbles.

Specification Sleeve diameter × thicknessLength (mm)SpecificationSleeve diameter × thicknessLength (mm)
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