Insulation and Anti-Corrosion Pipe

Insulation and Anti-Corrosion Pipe

  • Product Description

Working pipe: anti-corrosion pipe
Insulation layer: polyurethane
Outer protective pipe: polyethlene

  • Application Range

Product application: Heat supply, cooling supply, anti-corrosive in the field of crude oil transportation, thermal insulation pipeline engineering. Medium temperature: ≤120℃(Accidental peak<140℃). Medium pressure: ≤2.5MPa. Laying mode: It is mainly used for direct-buried laying, and can also be used for ditch or overhead laying pipeline.

  • Product Advantages

The working tube is 3PE anti-corrosion, epoxy powder and polymer adhesive and polyethylene. The anti-corrosion and aging resistance and the water-proof property are strong. Unique trinity structure. The quality of the products is in accordance with the national standard and the European standard. The thermal conductivity is low, the heat-insulating property is good, the heat loss is small, the energy-saving and environment-friendly. The unique production process has strong water-proof and anti-corrosive capability, can be directly buried in the underground or water, has short construction period and low comprehensive cost. It has good corrosion resistance and impact resistance at low temperature, and can be directly buried in frozen soil layer. The long-term service life can reach more than 30 years at 140 ℃.

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