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external fiber temperature-measuring system

External Fiber Temperature-measuring System

1. How to Ensure The Safe Operation of Xingbang DTS Pipeline Leakage Monitoring System?

Xingbang DTS pipeline leakage monitoring system converts optical cable into continuous real-time monitoring system. The technology helps customers detect the early stages of pipeline threats and provide them with time and information to achieve effective response. Avoid major accidents such as pipe explosion in the pipeline.

2. System Characteristics:

Minor damage early warning--respond as soon as possible, and have more time to plan and take appropriate action to repair the pipeline before the event escalates.

Continuous, real-time monitoring-when anomalies and events occur, alert in a timely manner, rather than waiting for manual inspection to find.

Quick response-notify customers in a timely manner through APP text messages.

Precise positioning- responses according to the location of the event.

No blind area-monitor the length or span of the entire pipe to see anomalies at any location in the monitoring pipe.

3. The Principle of The System

The high speed driving circuit of the system drives the laser to emit a narrow pulse width laser pulse, which travels forward along the fiber after the wavelength division demultiplexer. The laser pulse interacts with the fiber molecule, resulting in a variety of weak backscattering, including Rayleigh scattering, Brillouin scattering and Raman scattering, in which Raman scattering is due to the thermal vibration of the optical fiber molecule. The temperature-insensitive and temperature-sensitive anti-Stokes light are produced. The wavelengths of the two are different and are detected by a highly sensitive detector after being separated by a wavelength division demultiplexer. The anti-Stokes light intensity in the optical fiber is modulated by the external temperature, and the ratio of the anti-Stokes to the anti-Stokes light intensity accurately reflects the temperature information, and the return time of the Raman scattering signal from different positions to the detector is different, and the position of the optical fiber corresponding to the scattering signal can be determined by measuring the echo time. Combined with high-speed signal acquisition and data processing technology, the temperature information of the whole fiber can be obtained accurately and quickly.

4. Monitoring Pipeline Leakage

The optical cable is laid on the outside of the thermal insulation pipeline, and the optical cable is close to the thermal pipeline. The optical cable is located on the lower side of the horizontal diameter plane of the pipeline and is firmly trapped with the pipeline. When the insulation layer of the thermal pipeline is damaged or leaked, the temperature anomaly of the local pipe section will be made. The temperature measuring fiber can catch these anomalies in time and show them on the temperature distribution curve.

5. Composition of Xingbang Pipeline Leakage Monitoring System

The leakage monitoring system of Xingbang pipeline is composed of pipeline leakage monitor and temperature measuring fiber. The fiber is parallel to the pipeline, the sampling accuracy is 0.5 meters, the positioning accuracy is 1 meter. The leakage monitor divides the pipeline, sends the original monitoring data to Xingbang pipeline monitoring cloud server through 4G wireless signal for data analysis and storage, calculates the maximum temperature, the lowest temperature and the average temperature. And positioning information, and send the data to the web client in the form of charts. Xingbang pipeline monitoring cloud server: using Ali cloud server system, the monitoring software can monitor the temperature state of each pipeline zone, temperature alarm, high temperature alarm position location, real-time curve query, historical data storage, historical curve query and other functions, to realize the time of pipeline leakage early warning, and to locate the position in the real map.

6. Xingbang Pipeline Leakage Monitor

Xingbang pipeline leakage monitor is a continuously distributed temperature demodulation system (Distributed Temperature Sensing System,DTS). It uses advanced OTDR technology and Raman scattered light to be sensitive to temperature, detects temperature changes along different positions of optical fiber, and realizes real distributed temperature measurement and positioning. As a mature fiber distributed temperature measurement method, the equipment has the advantages of long measurement distance, high measurement accuracy, fast response speed, anti-electromagnetic interference, portable and so on. It can be widely used in leakage monitoring of heating network. This equipment adopts 4G wireless communication module, monitors the data to upload in real time wirelessly, and avoids the field arrangement of the network line. Reduce the cost of networking, high reliability, no need for maintenance.

Parameter itemparameter values
Single channel effective monitoring range15KM
number of channels8
temperature resolution0.1℃
positioning accuracy±1M
temperature measurement accuracy±0.5℃
Temperature measurement range-40℃ -300℃
communication mode4G(Full net communication)

7. Temperature measuring optical cable

The system adopts two-core multi-mode temperature measuring optical cable specially used for temperature monitoring, which has the following characteristics: Cable waterproof, shock proof.

The outer diameter is small, the structure is simple, the thermal penetration is fast, and the response of temperature measurement is fast.

Teflon outer sheath, waterproof, sunscreen, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, good electrical insulation Steel wire stranded protection, so that optical cable has a strong tensile force.

Stainless steel pipe protects optical fiber, so that optical cable has a strong compressive flat force.

8. Pipeline leakage Monitoring Software system

The data is transmitted to the management platform through 4G wireless communication, and the data is analyzed and configured to generate intuitive and concise monitoring screen and query and retrieval function window. the temperature measurement software is composed of pipeline process diagram, pipeline temperature data summary, alarm summary, history curve, network status, system login and so on.

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