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Built-in impedance system

Built-in Impedance System

  • Intelligent Leak Detection System

Leakage system is a complete leak detection system composed of intelligent detection unit and application software. The purpose of the system is to detect and locate leakage on regional heating pipeline before pipeline damage becomes too serious. Xingbang company has cooperated in the development of leakage monitoring system for regional heating. Today we offer the most innovative ideas in the world to prevent, detect and protect all kinds of pipeline leakage. The purpose of Xingbang intelligent leak detection system is to actively monitor the regional pipeline, so as to optimize the reliability of the operation, ensure the energy efficiency of the pipeline, and reduce the risk of expensive damage. Our Aliyun online service system can communicate through mobile signals. The detection device is connected to the induction cable and communicates wirelessly with the XTool. Safer operation and lower cost

  • Operation Principle

By actively monitoring the pipeline system, leakage can be detected and reduced before significant damage occurs. This means that operational reliability, customer satisfaction and energy efficiency can be optimized. Over time, costs are minimized and can continue to focus on the core business. Pipeline leakage will cause moisture problem of insulation layer, thus reducing energy efficiency and serious corrosion, and Xingbang leakage monitoring system is specially developed to solve this problem. If the leakage problem is not detected for a long time, when the supply of cooling or heating is suddenly interrupted, it may lead to very expensive maintenance costs and reduce user satisfaction. Swedish company and us has developed a successful intelligent leak detection system, which solves the problem of leakage monitoring and is suitable for heating system with metal pipeline insulation layer.

  • The Sensor Line Is Prefabricated In The Insulation Layer of The Pipe

In the production process of insulation pipe and pipe parts, the sensor line is embedded in the insulation layer between the working pipe and the external protection pipe. Xingbang intelligent leak detection system monitors the humidity of insulation layer in real time through sensor line, alarms the change of humidity in time and accurately, and avoids the occurrence of pipeline corrosion and leakage.

  • The Detection Unit Meets Your Needs

We developed the detection unit x4, x6 to meet the high requirements for operation and measurement accuracy. X4, x6 measurement sensor wire length up to 5000 meters. In the whole measurement path, multiple leakage positions can be detected and located in the precision range of less than 1 meter. For smaller pipes, if leakage occurs, our detection unit x1e can give an early warning.

  • Xingbang Intelligent Leak Detection System Online Monitoring Anytime and Anywhere

When you install the pipeline, you should configure and start the XTool software of Xingbang Intelligent leak Detection system, which is the core of Xingbang Intelligent leak Detection system. Xtool can be installed locally, but we recommend using Xingbang online hosting service, which has the following functions: easy installation and debugging, installation of xtool software on our server for measurement data analysis and display, and continuous operation. Maintenance and support. In addition, you can connect our WDO software to the devices you manage online.

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