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Pre-insulated pipes for aboveground and corridors

Pre-insulated Pipes for Aboveground and Corridors

  • Application Range

Product application: Heating supply, cooling supply, anti-corrosive in the field of crude oil transportation, thermal insulation pipeline engineering. medium temperature: ≤120℃(accidental peak<140℃). medium pressure: ≤2.5MPa. laying mode: It is mainly used for overhead laying and overhead laying of integrated pipe gallery.

  • Product Advantages

The prefabricated overhead type metal protective layer polyurethane insulation pipe is the preferred product of the comprehensive pipe corridor and the overhead laying, which is convenient and fast to install. The metal protective layer can be made of galvanized iron coating, stainless steel, aluminum strip and other different materials, and has strong corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. The polyurethane insulation layer is made of polyurethane raw material with combustion property B1 (refractory). Its high fire resistance solves the hidden danger of safety in the laying of integrated pipe gallery, and its heat preservation performance is advantageous. Long-term operation can save a lot of energy and significantly reduce energy cost. Xingbang Company is currently the production line overhead polyurethane insulation pipe in domestic, and the process technology and the forming equipment are independently developed by our company, and two of the national patents have been obtained. Has extremely strong water-proof and corrosion-resistant capability, and can not cause the overall impact of the overhead pipe as a whole due to rain and snow and other severe environments.

  • Production Range


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