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    Intelligent Pipeline System

  • external fiber temperature-measuring system
    External Fiber Temperature-measuring System

    Xingbang DTS pipeline leakage monitoring system converts optical cable into continuous real-time monitoring system. The technology helps customers detect the early stages of pipeline threats and provide them with time and information to achieve effective response. Avoid major accidents such as pipe explosion in the pipeline.

  •  Built-in impedance system
    Built-in Impedance System

    Leakage system is a complete leak detection system composed of intelligent detection unit and application software. The purpose of the system is to detect and locate leakage on regional heating pipeline before pipeline damage becomes too serious. Xingbang company has cooperated in the development of leakage monitoring system for regional heating. Today we offer the most innovative ideas in the world to prevent, detect and protect all kinds of pipeline leakage.

  • Well Chamber Monitoring System
    Well Chamber Monitoring System

    The system monitors the well water level in real time, and is provided with two water level sensors, and the low water level sensor triggers a warning alarm and reminds the user that there is ponding water in the well chamber;The high water level sensor triggers an emergency alarm, informing the user that the water level in the well chamber is in a dangerous state and needs emergency treatment.