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well chamber monitoring system

A1E Well Chamber Monitoring System

A1E Well Chamber Monitoring System

The system monitors the well water level in real time, and is provided with two water level sensors, and the low water level sensor triggers a warning alarm and reminds the user that there is ponding water in the well chamber;The high water level sensor triggers an emergency alarm, informing the user that the water level in the well chamber is in a dangerous state and needs emergency treatment.

Xingbang well monitoring system can be equipped with temperature and humidity sensors according to the needs, real-time monitoring of well chamber temperature and humidity; it can also be equipped with various toxic gas sensors to monitor all kinds of toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, methane and so on in real time to protect the personal safety of patrol workers.

Through the certification of global harsh conditions.

Xingbang intelligent leak detection system developed by Xingbang has solved the leakage detection problem of regional heating.

Xingbang intelligent leak detection system is designed for regional heating pipeline with insulation layer and is suitable for all metal pipes with embedded sensor lines ("Northern Europe system").

By using advanced technology, the long pipeline system can be monitored and controlled, and the leakage and fault can be monitored. and the positioning accuracy is very high.

The system is very reliable and has been certified under harsh conditions in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

Xingbang intelligent leak detection system helps you to achieve efficient management of pipeline district heating.

Through the continuous development and use of the latest monitoring and communication techniques, the system ensures that it will keep pace with the times in the future.

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